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Edeoga, why play politics with the dead?

Engr. Abuchi Obetta

The Labour Party guber candidate in Enugu State, Chijioke Edeoga has witnessed a lot of condemnations and criticisms of all kinds by the people of Enugu State for exhibiting an action which was quite condemnable in the eyes of every rational being.

Chijioke Edeoga’s desperation to be the number one citizen of Enugu state has made him lose his sense of reasoning, such that he no longer cares who dies and how sad the death of anyone could cause to the family and friends.

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi out of his busy schedule has made out time to pay a condolence visit to the family of the late Oyibo Chukwu, the Labour Party Senatorial candidate who was murdered a few weeks ago. Little did we know that the desperate Edeoga spotted such a visit to commiserate with Oyibo’s family as an opportunity to sell his candidacy to the people without minding that the late Oyibo’s family is still in a mournful mood.

An eye witness told us that before Obi’s arrival to Amuri, Nkanu West Local Government Area, the home town of the late Oyibo Chukwu, Chijioke Edeoga in the company of all the Labour Party state house of assembly candidates have mobilized youths who were carrying different types of campaign banners with the picture of Obi, Edeoga and each of the state house of assembly candidates, and had hired brass band as though he was going for a campaign.

From the video making the round, we could see Edeoga waving hands from the rooftop of the Enugu State gifted Prado SUV, shouting “Labour Party” while the mobilized group of people were shouting in response “ebe esere mmadu ato”.

The noisy sound of the brass band went on and on until they moved to the compound of the late Oyibo Chukwu before a certain elder angrily came out to hush the band players and pulled Edeoga by the side and recorded his displeasure for such kind of unwarranted act. The supporters were later seen going back to a place where they were initially seen at the market side until Obi’s arrival.

As Obi stormed Amuri, lots of Obidients started coming out from their homes and shops to welcome him, while Edeoga and his group went to greet him. As observant as Obi was, he looked around and saw campaign banners with the imprint of Edeoga’s picture flying in the air and on all sides of the road, he hurriedly drew the attention of the crowd and said; “no, no, no we are not here for a campaign, we are here for a condolence visit. Therefore, I will want all these banners and posters to be thrown away, please. We are mourning!”.

Obi demanded one campaign poster of Oyibo Chukwu’s brother, Kelvin Chukwu who is currently the senatorial candidate of the Labour Party in Enugu East and he held it up as he walked in the company of the Obidients, national exco of the Labour Party and others to Oyibo Chukwu’s residence.

After the visitation, he admonished the people to be hopeful that their stolen mandate in the last election will be recovered. He equally advised Obidients in Enugu to vote for competent and credible candidates irrespective of the party, maintaining that Obidient movement is to elect good leaders who will ensure that our society is being moved forward.

Shortly after he left, Chijioke Edeoga went on his regular deceptive mechanism, having met with the disappointment of Obi’s refusal to present him to the Obidients and was saying Peter Obi came to campaign for the Labour Party in Enugu State. This was in a bid to boost the dampened morale of his supporters who have already sensed that Obi never dreamt of having Edeoga as a political associate because of his abysmal performances in all the public positions held.

Unlike what Obi did in Abia by presenting the guber candidate of the Labour Party, Alex Otti to the Obidients in Abia State, Peter Obi must have hearkened to the advice of Aisha Yesufu who warned him about endorsing the Former Commissioner for Environment in Enugu State, Chijioke Edeoga, citing incompetency. She warned Obi never to become what he wishes to change, and never to sacrifice competence for partisanship.

By now, it must have dawned on Edeoga and his supporters that he has been rejected by everyone due to his bad track records in all the political offices he had occupied.

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