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Edeoga And Nsukka Labourers, How Market?

By Mrs. Justina Nwam

When the Federal High Court, Abuja on November 6, 2022 adjourned ruling to November, 9, on Enugu Labour Party governorship ticket tussle between Bar. Chijioke Edeoga and Chief Evarest Nnaji (Odengene), I wrote an article titled “Why Edeoga And His Co-travellers Are After Governor Ugwuanyi and Mbah.”
In the article, I made it very clear that Bar. Edeoga was deceived and lured into Labour Party by those who never wish him well.
I also disclosed that Edeoga is being used by some disgruntled and greedy political leaders from Nsukka to fight Governor Ugwuanyi and seek political relevance ahead of 2023.
From benefits of hindsight, I revealed that Bar. Edeoga was unsettled and disturbed over the impending ruling because of the illegal way he usurped the party ticket after losing the PDP guber primary.
True to my findings and disclosures, Edeoga was sacked by the Court because of the kangaroo primary that ushered him in as governorship candidate of Labour Party. The court has given Labour Party two weeks to conduct a fresh primary.
Bar. Edeoga murdered sleep by his actions and inactions. Hence, he is not expected to sleep. His story is that of a child who said his mother will not sleep. Both will remain awake.

Barr. Edeoga was made relevant politically and otherwise by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He has no history of success or breakthrough in any other endeavor apart from partisan politics and political appointments on the PDP platform.

Even as a lawyer and journalist, Edeoga struggled to survive until he was given ticket to House of Representatives by the PDP. After that, Edeoga became jobless and wretched until he was appointed Special Assistant to then President Goodluck Jonathan.

In 2015, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in his own benevolence appointed him Commissioner.
He served for almost seven years, before he resigned to contest for PDP governorship ticket. He lost the PDP primary, accepted the outcome and pledged loyalty to the winner of the contest, Barr. Peter Mbah.
Before one could say Jack Robinson, Edeoga made a volte-face and jumped into Labour Party desperately and illegally alongside his Nsukka co-travellers.

Forgetting yesterday, living in fool’s paradise and self delusion, Bar. Edeoga made himself an instrument of divisive and antagonistic politics in Enugu North Senatorial zone like never before. This is even when he is not from the Senatorial zone.

Edeoga overrated himself and believed that the few displaced politicians from Enugu North Senatorial zone will make him candidate of Labour party and Governor of Enugu state.
That is why as Chief Nnaji was in court challenging Edeoga’s illegal emergence as Labour Party governorship candidate, Edeoga and his social media e-rats were dismissive and contemptuous of the challenge. They were so overconfident and arrogant.

Even Edeoga and Okey Ezea, though both lawyers, were unable to see beyond the immediacy and social media pugilism they usually engage on.
It is now obvious that Edeoga was busy chasing rats whilst his house was on fire. Don’t ask how? Well, instead of Edeoga to concentrate on pursuing the legal tussle with Chief Nnaji with utmost caution and attention, he trivialised it and was busy fabricating fake stories, maligning and impugning Governor Ugwuanyi, Bar. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah and other PDP candidates on the social media platforms.

This was what Edeoga and his allies were busy doing until Edeoga was sacked by the court. Now that Edeoga has been sacked and fresh primaries ordered by the court, will the Labour Party ever be allowed to conduct fresh governorship primary looking at the provisions of the electoral act that stipulated deadline for parties primaries that had elapsed? Who will Edeoga blame for his woe and setback? Edeoga will surely blame Governor Ugwuanyi and Mbah as usual, without knowing that he is the least headache of the duo.

What will Edeoga do now? The ball is in Edeoga’s court. With the political atmosphere in the state, can Edeoga defeat Nnaji in a free and fair primary? What will be the fate of Edeoga and his few disgruntled and displaced co-travellers from Enugu North Senatorial zone if Edeoga loses out at the end, which is likely?

What political lesson will Edeoga and his deceivers learn from this political debacle that befell them? Will Edeoga ever learn as it is obvious that he lacks political sagacity and mastery of the game of politics.
Edeoga will surely be asked how market and be remembered for embarking on meaningless and wasteful political voyage.

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