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Mbah, Banned Sit-At-Home And Decimated Ekpa

By Samson Ezea

When the Governor of Enugu State, Barr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, took the bull by the horn on assumption of office to ban the recurring Monday menace called sit-at-home, not many believed or agreed with him. While some faulted and queried his strategies, others interrogated the timing and its consequences.

These are expected, whenever policy decisions and actions are taken by governments. Governor Mbah knows this. But as Chief Security Officer of the State, Governor Mbah wears the shoes and knows where it pinches. He knows a lot and is privy to security reports and activities of the state that are not in public domain or for public discussions. He has visions and missions for the state which the Monday illegal sit-at-home is a great impediment and obstacle to.

So, knowing where to go and how to get there and not daunted by the usual emotional outbursts, blackmail and armchair strictures by even those who know nothing about governance and how security of the state works,Governor Mbah remained resolute and focused in ensuring that the ban of sit-at-home in the state is sustained. Not even the incessant and ferocious social media rantings, incitement and threats by the Finland based vagabond and factional leader of IPOB, Simon Ekpa deterred him.

As he can be observed, Governor Mbah’s insistence on the ban of the illegal sit-at-home in Enugu as the way forward has paid off. Enugu people and residents have gradually reclaimed and still reclaiming their very important and productive Mondays. They have strongly defied Simon Ekpa’s illegal sit-at-home in the state, having seen and felt secured with the massive security agents’ presence and readiness across the state.

Some cynics and IPOB apologists, who initially and mischievously complained of heavy presence security personnel across the state in the face of Ekpa’s threat to make the state ungovernable for Governor Mbah for daring him have began to appreciate and acknowledge Mbah’s efforts, sincerity and commitment to a better, developed and peaceful Enugu State.

What appeared like the last straw that broke the carmel’s back and final decimation of Ekpa was the ease with which Enugu residents and people have opposed and resisted his order for two weeks sit at home in this month of August. Nobody has obeyed the order and heaven has not fallen.

This alone has demystified the remnant of the myth surrounding Ekpa and his illegal sit-at-home, if there was any in first place. It has now dawned on the people that Ekpa’s youthful exuberance, braggadacio, grandstanding and pontifications about Biafra liberation struggle and illegal sit-at-home is not for the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the betterment of the Southeasterners and their economies, but for his personal aggrandisement, fame, hedonism and affluence.

Ekpa’s hypocrisy, deceits, tricks and subterfuge have been exposed. There is no hiding place for Ekpa as he has been stripped naked in the public. His case is that of everyday for the thief and one day for the owner of the house. Through Governor Mbah’s bold move and resilience on banned Enugu sit-at-home home, the people of Enugu State have reclaimed their Mondays from Ekpa, the thief of Mondays through illegal sit-at-home.

Encouraging and lending support to Mbah and Enugu people in this regard is the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB group, who issued a press statement recently declaring Mondays Economic Empowerment Day in Southeast region henceforth.

The pro-Biafran group said the aim is to enable the people to mobilise resources and means towards reversing the sharp decline in the economic, educational, and social sectors of the region caused by the prolonged sit-at-home.

The spokesman for the group, Emma Powerful, stated this in a statement released recently. Powerful said the move followed the total cancellation of all forms of sit-at-home in the entire South-East as stated in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s handwritten letter which was made public through his counsel, Alloy Ejimakor, a few days ago.

The statement read, “Following the total cancellation of all forms of sit-at-home in the entire South-East, as clearly and unequivocally stated in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s handwritten letter. He has therefore directed the people, to henceforth, set aside every Monday as an ‘Economic empowerment day’ in the entire South-East.

“Economic Empowerment Day connotes a day set aside for mass mobilisation of Biafrans, to devote their resources and means towards reversing the sharp and unprecedented decline in the economic, educational, and social needs of our people occasioned by the prolonged sit-at-home.

“During this exercise, the people are encouraged to embark on the massive deployment of their resources for the empowerment of the educationally disadvantaged and poverty-ridden population of our people.Through education, employment, health services, sense of identity and community, our people and indeed, the Eastern region can begin to thrive and grow.

“There is an urgent need to reclaim our lost glory by embarking on empowering Biafrans with the resources they need to live beyond mere subsistence as our people are known globally for hard work, resilience, and great achievements.

“The implication of this Economic Empowerment Day is that Biafrans are expected to devote significant time to adhere to their routine calendar schedule template strictly and uninterruptedly with a view to making up for the humongous time lost to the activities of misguided enforcers of unsanctioned Monday sit-at-home order.”

One remarkable thing about the total ending of Monday illegal sit-at-home in Southeast region is that story will not be complete without referencing the intervention and role of Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State, who on assumption of office pick the gauntlet to end the menace amidst criticisms, resistance and sabotage, which he didn’t succumb or capitulate to, but remained unperturbed, unapologetic and resolute until result was achieved. It is not overstatement to say that Governor Mbah was Ekpa’s albatross and instrumental to his final decimation alongside his illegal sit-at-home order in the Southeast region.

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