Nuggets On Gov. Mbah’s Sit At Home Ban In Enugu State

By Samson Ezea

1) Enugu State is the symbol of the southeast region. It is the capital of old East Central, Eastern, and Southeast regions. It is to the Igbos, what Ibadan and Lagos are to the Yorubas, and what Kaduna and Kano are to Hausas. Enugu deserves the best, and Mbah knows that. He came prepared and determined. Monday sit-at-home is not an option anymore. It is inimical to the growth and development of Enugu State. It is responsible for the massive economic, human, and material losses and wastage in the state since August 21, 2021 when it commenced.

2) The actualisation of Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah’s ambitious, intergrated and achievable manifesto targeted at improving and sustaining the economic opportunities, potentials, productivity, viability, creativity and entrepreneurship of Enugu State cannot be possible with the continuation of the Monday sit-at-home order in the state.

3) Monday is too important in weekdays to be sacrificed on altar of destructive sit-at-home order that has claimed lives of many innocent people and property worth millions of Naira.

4) How do we, as Ndi Enugu, explain sitting at home on Mondays from morning to evening, which are major productive and economic hours, only to suspend the order late in the evening? How do we feel spending precious hours and manpower sitting idly at home from 8am to 4pm? Do we ever evaluate or assess the quantum of losses economically and financially? Even if it is resting time, haven’t Ndi Enugu had it enough since 2021?

5) Governor Peter Mbah’s ban of Monday sit-at-home in Enugu is a welcome development that requires the support and commitment of all and sundry for the economic future, growth and welfare of the state and her people.

Mbah Thank You For Banning Monday Sit At Home In Enugu

Think Enugu, Support Mbah’s Ban Of Sit At Home

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