Post-Enugu Guber Poll and Edeoga’s Desperation

By Charly Udeh

It is an axiomatic fact that in every contest, there must be winners and losers. Elections into political offices are always serious contests. It is not too far from every other contest, but more realistic and business-like.

It is not in doubt that the election victory recorded by Labour Party candidates in the 2023 National Assembly and House of Assembly in Enugu state was made possible by the bandwagon effect of Mr. Peter Obi’s presidential ambition and the partisanship of the church in the project. Nothing more, nothing less.

It is the height of ungratefulness, ingratitude, and hypocrisy for any Labour Party candidate who won an election in Enugu State to deny the role of the Mr. Obi’s candidacy and the church’s direct involvement in the process.

Even the Labour Party candidates that emerged victorious in the election know that they are no match to other parties’ candidates in the elections, particularly that of the PDP. They know that their electoral victories are more circumstantial than merited.

Despite this and others, some of the Labour Party candidates, especially the governorship candidate Bar Chijioke Edeoga, are behaving as if they have any electoral value before the elections. They are grandstanding and pontificating over the Labour Party’s conspiratorial victory as if it was made possible by them.

That is why Edeoga and his emotional social media hirelings are doing everything possible, including maligning and blackmailing INEC personnel, judicial officers, and even the Enugu State government to lend credence to their mischievous antics of dismissing Bar. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah and his electoral victory as fraud.

This is the same Edeoga and his supporters, who were celebratory of INEC’s stoppage of the collation of the governorship election results for a review of Nkanu East and Nsukka LGAs which was occasioned by his agent and brother, Eugene Edeoga and PDP agent’s complaints at the state collation centre.

After the review and announcement of the result by INEC, which many described as unconstitutional, considering that it was not necessary in the first place, Edeoga made a volte face and unleashed his social media bandits on INEC personnel. This is simply because Edeoga lost the election to Mbah.

Edeoga, why? Why the desperation? Why the continuous blackmail, fabrication and peddling of falsehoods and lies against everyone including INEC personnel and judges? Are you the first person who has lost governorship election? Why are you trying to cause anarchy and pull down the roof just because you lost the governorship election?

Why is it that even when you have gone to the tribunal to challenge the outcome of the election, you are still fabricating and peddling propaganda and fallacies?

Do you want to pre-empt or stampede the judiciary to do your biddings? Why the fixation and desperation? Is this the kind of desperate and temperamental leadership you would have offered the state had it been you were elected Governor?
Why can’t you allow peace to reign and allow the tribunal members to do their work? You know that the hard currencies you and your godfather are dangling before the tribunal judges will not give you any backdoor victory.

Edeoga, if you can confidently fail to acknowledge publicly that the Labour Party’s victory in the 2023 elections in Enugu state was made possible by the bandwagon effect of Mr. Obi’s presidential ambition and church’s involvement, how will you even acknowledge that Enugu people voted for you if you have been declared winner of the governorship election?

Edeoga, It is expected of you to know by now that the governorship election in Enugu is done and dusted. The choice of Bar. Mbah and his Deputy, Bar. Ifeanyi Ossai by Ndi Enugu is well made and can not be reversed by your propaganda and falsehoods.

No amount of running around the tribunal members with hard currencies to compromise them or concocting of propaganda to mislead them and undiscerning public will invalidate the victory of Mbah at poll.

The victory has come to stay. It is a collective decision of Ndi Enugu.

Edeoga, Wawoo, your desperation is somehow understandable. After all, You need to justify the money you collected from people and fake promises of appointments and contracts you and your godfather and ex-minister, John Nnia Nwodo, made to donors and supporters before the elections.

People are aware that those who donated monies and you people promised heaven and earth are on you for a refund. Hence, you need to keep pushing to continue to give them false hope of elusive victory at the court.

Sorry Edeoga, as your case now is that of the last kick of a dying horse and that of drowning man looking for a straw to hold or who he will go down with, take heart and accept the loss with equanimity.

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