Governorship election: CAN, JNI caution against inflammatory statements in Kaduna

The Kaduna State chapters of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, and the Jama’atul Nasir Islam, JNI, have appealed to all religious preachers of the Christian and Islamic faiths to resist the temptation of using sacred altars and pulpits to carry out unhealthy politics of promoting one party or candidate.

A joint statement issued by Rev Ma’aji Caleb Bawa and Alhaji Ibrahim Isa Kufena, secretaries of CAN and JNI, respectively said, “We need to always remember that our followers, even within the same Church or Mosque, may belong to different political parties. Hence, there is a need for Imams, Pastors, and other leaders of faith to remain apolitical and neutral.

“Importantly, all religious leaders in Kaduna State must ensure strict adherence to the teachings of the Holy Books by promoting peaceful coexistence. It is our duty to create an understanding of the need for people to go out and cast their votes in a peaceful manner as prescribed by the law.”

The statement urged religious preachers outside Kaduna State to refrain from making inflammatory remarks or sermons that could be instigative to the peace-loving people, stressing that rather, they should concentrate on addressing the issues in their states of living and service.

“As leaders of faiths, it is worthy to remind all that we are accountable to our Creator Who has graciously recruited us to serve Him and thus we will be rewarded in accordance with our actions and words,” the statement opined.

The two religious bodies stated that the time had come again when, as a people, they would freely decide their common destiny as far as leadership of the state in the next four years is concerned.

The statement observed, “We sincerely wish to take this time to appreciate all citizens for the way we conducted ourselves in the last Presidential and National Assembly elections. Our peaceful conduct and enthusiasm are worth commending. Indeed, the outing showed an incredible political reawakening, the kind that our nation, Nigeria, needs, to prosper.”

The two religious bodies lamented that a few days before the gubernatorial and State Assembly elections, the political atmosphere is overheated even much more than they experienced in the run-off to the February 25, 2023 elections, stressing that it is sad to note their revered calling and places of worship are being used for politics by some religious preachers as some have commonized the Holy place meant for Holy Service, campaigning for candidates and parties and issuing out unholy messages.

“While we acknowledge the importance attached to this coming election, it is not healthy for our dear State that places of worship _be used for political campaigns and endorsement of candidates. We the religious leaders of both the Jama’atul Nasril Islam (JNI) and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) have consistently cautioned against the use of religion for promoting political parties and candidates. We cannot, therefore, allow the noble credentials of our faiths to be subverted by a few religious clerics,” the statement explained.

The two religious bodies urged both Christians and Muslims to pray to God Almighty to have peaceful and credible elections come Saturday, March 18th, 2023.

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