Far Be it from Enugu State the Iniquity Called the Opposition

By Eze Nwamadi, Ogbonna Asadu and Ezema Igwenunu

Should you wake up to behold first thing in the morning as would give a semblance of the despicable lots that constitute the opposition politics in Enugu State, you would go back to bed and sleep again, pretending you never woke up in the first place. If the full story of the vile lots is told you, you would spit to the left, roll your right palm across your head and snap it off in a staccato and shout of “emi n’ob’g’ m” as we would do in Nsukka when we repulse evil occurrences.

By the opposition is meant anything that arrogantly but in vain raises itself above the knowledge of the PDP. Such is bound to be cast down and brought into the captivity where it rightfully belongs. Incidentally, the Enugu opposition politics is driven by the mixed servile heads of the rejected, the dregs, the political outcastes, rejected, dejected and disgruntled politically displaced persons who have found and made Labour Party and others IDP camps. Their blood is cold and thick and their bones are marrowless. They have no speculation in those eyes with which they glare, as Macbeth would say to the ghost of Banquo. They are the politically dead beings whose carcass seeks a burial place in the whited sepulchre of ideological infidelity.

Chijioke Edeoga who seems to champion the opposition has left no one in doubt as to his ineptitude and moral bankruptcy. Chijioke is someone who did not prepare to govern but wants to be governor. He has no manifesto; he has no idea what to offer the people. All he knows is that he wants to be governor, and so pursues this inordinate ambition mindlessly with besmear campaigns. Who would believe that at such an occasion when the Catholic Diocese of Enugu called governorship candidates to explain the raisin d’etre of their candidature, Edeoga was caught on camera snoring? Who would believe that immediately after that event that Ikem Okuhu’s wife waylaid Edeoga at the exit of the cathedral, held him by the collars and asked him to return her husband to his original state? “Edeoga, kwaa di m k’od’, ” Madam Okuhu kept in shouting as she held Edeoga’s clothe tenaciously. Story has it that Okuhu is one of the victims of Edeoga’s bisexuality. Since he joined Edeoga’s train, he has been defiled. He now wears pampers, and some stench of liquid drips from his anus, something the wife has been complaining about. She lamented that since Okuhu joined the Edeoga camp, he had not made love to her and whenever he would arouse him to it, his erection would go flat. The woman, whom Ikem calls Oyichi, lamented the fact that her husband of many years had not been found wanting untill now. No thanks to Edeoga’s defilement. Besides moral idiocy, Edeoga is inept, selfish, malicious, mischievious, faithless, arrogant, and pugnacious,. These are vices unbecoming of a would-be governor.Alas! Governor gab’te imi utaba.

While we leave Edeoga to lick his wounds, let’s go to the next culprit. Uche Nnaji of the APC is quite another. That one is a shameless scammer, a 419 of egregious proportion who all his life has been into drug trafficking, ritual killings and all manner of crimes. That one has nothing to offer. Such an odious vermin has no place in the governorship race. He hopes to come fourth in the race and then leverage his godfather’s style of being declared the first from his fourth position, using corrupt judges. Little wonder he institutes all manner of frivolous cases that would be thrown out at the courts. But Uzodinjo, his godfather, should know that Peter is not James. Enugu State is not Imo State, and so would not tolerate the menace of a cartel of ne’er-do-well drug dealers. Uche Nnaji the other day beat up a woman at Agbani Road Enugu for not giving chance for him to pass, even when he drove against the traffic. Such Oedipal hubris is a sure way to perdition. The woman has been flown to India in order to save her life from the mortal wounds Uche Nnaji inflicted on her. Nnaji was said to be high on drugs when he perpetrated the dastardly act. The same Nnaji was allegedly arrested, handcuffed and whisked away by suspected NDLEA operatives yesterday being 21st February, 2023. How can such a criminal drug baron rule Enugu State? Governor gab’te imi utaba.Far be it from Enugu State that the iniquity called Uche Nnaji and his partner in crime, Ugo Agballa, would come near the corridors of power in Enugu State. Tufiakwa!

Frank Nweke Jnr of APGA is another iniquitous end to politics of opposition. Nweke is a villain known to rebellious politics. The EFCC has already concluded the investigation of his alleged stealing if N5 billion while he served as the junior Minister of Information during Obasanjo’s administration, position he got riding on the back of the then Governor Chimaroke Nnamani whom he now insults.The theft has just been uncovered and a whistle blower has drawn the attention of the anti-graft agencies to it. Frank Nweke is hated by his people of Ozalla in Nkanu West Local Government for the reason of his crass level of selfishness. He never helped anyone from the community. He is said to be selfish in his approach to life. Underneath his grammar, lies crass wickedness and perfidy of no mean proportion. The people of Ozalla have found his ill-advised ambition an occasion to requite him of his many evil deeds. Frank will soon be explaining to the anti-graft agencies his dealings at the ministry he headed.

Far be it from Enugu State l the Iniquity called opposition.The PDP has presented to the people of Enugu State the best of candidates. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah remains unrivalled. He is the only governorship candidate untainted. The opposition has made every effort to run him down to no success. The message Peter carries is irresistibly credible. He knows the right route to good governance and economic prosperity, and has made invaluable offers to the people.

Governor Ugwuanyi himself remains unrivalled in his senatorial bid. Who can challenge Ugwuanyi? Okey Ezea, the weather-beaten derelict hag sold to the iniquity of tantrums and name-calling, a bankrupt rogue seeking rehabilitation through politics? Is he the one to challenge Ugwuanyi? Or the little beings like the one that went to court seeking the disqualification of PDP candidates in Enugu State? Is that one a human being? Or is it the nondescript being, holding the dead ticket of the APC for Enugu North Senatorial Zone? Far be it from Enugu North that its senatorial seat be trivialized and ceded to goons and dead dogs. Ndi Nsukka cannot afford to make such mistake. Governor Ugwuanyi is the right senatorial representation Enugu North desires. His candidature shall be made good.

As far as Enugu State is concerned, the PDP candidates are the best. choice for Ndi Enugu. Saturday, 25th February is a day to remember when the people shall have enthroned righteousness, as they vote the PDP from head to toe. Far be it from Enugu State the Iniquity called the opposition.

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