NYSC Certificate: The fictitious narrative of the opposition parties dead on arrival

Pharm. James Ochiudo

It is no longer news that politics, especially in Enugu State in recent times has become a dangerous masquerade that wields its sharp sword without caring who falls victim to its thoughtless actions.

Just like what is obtainable in other saner climes, political campaigns are ways through which candidates sell their manifestos to their electorate, telling them all they have in stock for the people, the same is not applicable with the opposition parties in Enugu State who have derailed from marketing their manifestos to resort to cheap propaganda and clout chasing.

It is absolutely unassuming that the lugubriousness of the opposition parties in Enugu State is lurked beneath the wide acceptance of the Enugu PDP guber candidate, Peter Mbah whose immeasurable efforts in appealing and winning the minds of the Enugu electorate has been witnessed, especially by way he toured the 68 Development Centers of the state, preaching the message of hope that his administration will bring.

Mbah in the eyes of the opposition parties has become the special tree full of ripe fruits that the children can’t help but throw stones at. They have seen the incomparable reception he has been getting from Ndi Enugu and have vowed never to allow his dreams of making Enugu the epicenter of development in the South East turn to fruition.

Their stock in trade has been about generating fictitious stories and engaging in acerbic writings just to de-market a man who has earned massive acceptance of the people through sheer hard work, character, capacity and wealth of experience.

The recent spread of propaganda bothering on the fabrication of the NYSC certificate of Peter Mbah has shown how the opposition in Enugu has lost focus in engaging in an issue-based campaign. It is no longer a shock that candidates in the opposition camps in Enugu have no manifesto to deliver to the people. They are people with no clear purpose and blueprints to move the state forward. Gone are the days when politicians came to the people without a statement of purpose.

You must tell us what you hope to do and how you intend doing it. We can’t risk the future of our kids on the altar of singing songs and clapping sheepishly for the likes of Chijioke Edeoga, a man who is to be considered the greatest beneficiary of all the political powers can give and yet cannot boast of a single grain of sand he dropped for his people in the name of achievement and dividend, neither can we look the way of Uchenna Nnaji who is a mere puppet and a lapdog of Hope Uzodinma.

Frank Nweke, the pseudo simpleton, is not left behind as he appears as though he was a saint but keeps secretly doing more of the spoiler game with the knowledge he garnered as a two-term minister, leveraging on the manpower he once controlled in the Ministry of Information and Communication to unleash mayhem in the media space in a regular attempt to mislead the electorate.

Frank who, after serving as a Chief of Staff and two-time minister has done nothing for his kindred, not a single person did he give a job. His only achievement after serving in both state and federal levels was to come home and impose a king on his community. Thank God for the administration of Ugwuanyi who didn’t hesitate to suspend the king.

Peter Mbah has remained undaunted, telling the public that no amount of distraction can hinder the firm resolve of a determined soul. The political sage who has manifested a high degree of leadership style has refused to haul a stone at any dog that barks at him. He stays busy making plans, strategizing and meeting investors just in a bid to make the state economy flourish. Despite all the allegations leveled against him, he still wears his shining countenance which tells you that he is not perturbed at all about the evil orchestration of the opposition.

The opposition’s NYSC certificate forgery

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