Why the Church Should Beware of Chijioke Edeoga

By Ogbonna Asadu

Chijioke Edeoga, the purported governorship candidate of Labour Party in Enugu State, has by his actions and utterances shown he is antichrist. Edeoga has been fighting the church of Jesus Christ, doing everything to malign the church, priests and pastors. He has left no one in doubt about it.

Take for instance some months ago. Edeoga had sent his attacking dogs on the Anglican Archbishop of Enugu Province, Archbishop Olisa Chukwu. The Edeoga e-rats and data boys called the man of God names, using all manner of unprintable words on him, simply because the Archbishop had said that in Enugu State Peter Mbah was our own Peter Obi. Edeoga did not put any restraint knowing Archbishop Olisa Chukwuma was an anointed man of God, and a renowned leader of the church in Nigeria.

While the church was smarting from Edeoga’s fiery darts, he yet again fired another salvo, and unleashed damaging allegations against Anglican priests at Nsukka, claiming that they collected bribes from the PDP to speak in favour of Peter Mbah. There was no vile term Edeoga did not unleash on the innocent priests. When the burden of proof came heavily on him, he quickly recanted the allegation, and then claimed that the priests rather rejected the offer of bribery running into millions of naira.

But Edeoga had yet to be satisfied. He was minded to bring the church to utter disrepute. During the build up to the primaries, Chijioke Edeoga had few days to the day of voting invited some pastors and prophets to pray for his dead ambition. Edeoga lost his patience and verbally attacked the prophets who told him the truth, that he would not win. When some of the pastors saw how charged and ferocious he had become, they began to tell him what he wanted to hear. That way, they escaped being lynched by Edeoga and his minions, spoiling for a showdown. That was the ridiculous point to which Edeoga could precipitate in his desperate quest for power which eludes him as would his own shadow.

Edeoga had also dragged the Catholic Church into partisan politics, having sold empty sentiments to some priests. Edeoga had dragged some men of God, especially at Nsukka area, into partisan politics and made them leave the preaching of the gospel for the preaching of partisan politics laced with unbelievable clannish sentiments and hate. Some of the priests were manipulated with witchcraft to pander to the flesh rather than the spirit. Divested of their spiritual consciousness, they were made to buy into acrimonious politics of divisive hate whereupon they preached hate instead of the love of Christ. No thanks to Chijioke Edeoga and the Satanic endtime violence spiritually and physically visited on the church. It beats imagination that darkness is ruling light. God forbid!

Undone with the church, Edeoga yet again picked on the Anglican Bishop of Isi-Uzo Diocese, Bishop Olinya, whom he severely called names for commending Governor Ugwuanyi for his interventions meant to succour and relieve victims of security breach at Eha-Amufu. Edeoga took the bishop to the cleaners. It was said that the man of God grieved over Edeoga’s affront on his person, and then cursed him and his misguided governorship ambition.

Edeoga’s recent fancy has anchored on the haranguing of this time the Anglican Bishop of Nike Diocese, Bishop Sam Onyia, for his show of humility during the thanksgiving service of Prof. Chinedu Nebo, former minister of power, himself a priest of God, to mark his 70th year birthday anniversary. The man of God, Bishop Onyia, had knelt down to ask the highly cerebral and most accepted governorship candidate of the PDP in Enugu State, Barr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, to come to the front seat. Peter had come late to the church service, and instead of disrupting the flow of the service by the attention his presence would have aroused, quietly sat at the back amid the congregation. Peter had equally in uncommon show of humility and wisdom knelt down before the bishop, knowing that as a priest of the Most High, Bishop Onyia carries the presence of God. It was a display of mutual respect and humility. Edeoga sent his dogs to attack the bishop without any restraint, calling him names as he would other priests he had equally insulted. Alas! God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows, he reaps.

The irony of it all is that Edeoga parades himself as an Anglican. These things are well known. These are persons sold to dumb idols and evil deities; a person who goes to church on Sunday, but spends the rest of the week at shrines and evil altars, making evil sacrifices to such gods like Odo and the like. Chijioke Edeoga no doubt serves idols. His many affronts on the church are eloquent testimonies of his antichrist orientation.Let the church beware!

The proverbial fire had asked its victim whose house it burnt down, “When did we reconcile that you would come to fetch me again?” The Catholic Diocese of Nsukka whose priests Edeoga had maligned, its bishop against whom Edeoga mummurs would have to sink in this question. Edeoga has no business of invitation to the debate the church organized. How would anyone expect Peter Ndubuisi Mbah to stand with the idolater called Chijioke Edeoga before the altar of the Most High? Hasn’t the antichrist in Chijioke wrecked enough havoc in the church? Meanwhile, Chijioke Edeoga has no manifesto. What would he tell the church they would listen to? Peter Ndubuisi Mbah’s manifesto had been explained ad nauseam. That document is in the public domain and can easily be assessed. This is internet age and Peter unlike Chijioke is technology savvy.

Let the church beware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Enugu State would not yield to Satanic quest to mount the throne. The Lord has raised us the anointed one, a David come to the throne, Peter Ndubuisi Mbah. God has anointed this young man to lead us to the promised land. He would continue where Ugwuanyi stops and would consolidate the deliverables for the attainment of astronomical economic growth and good governance. Peter is a transcedental leader who has the needed emotional intelligence to feel the pulse of the people and articulate programmes that would succour them. Enugu won’t ask for anything else, to say nothing of agents of Satan, persecuting the church. God is not mocked. At the appointed time, Satan will fall and the children of God shall rejoice.

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