When I wrote many months ago that some fake Nsukka labourers including Bar. Chijioke Edeoga and their cohorts, who were labouring and hoping to ride on the back of the President Candidate of Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi to election victory would be disappointed and abandoned by Obi, not many, especially the emotional, brainwashed and hoodwinked Nsukka labourers and their social media e-rats, who had been labouring and hoping in vain believed me.

They didn’t believe me, because they had been hypnotised and mesmerised with lies and propaganda by the likes of Edeoga and the few failed Nsukka politicians, who prodded Edeoga into the race and stood aloof to play hide-and-seek.

Again, because they lack political sagacity to understand the arithmetic of politics and on a vendetta mission, they believed Edeoga and his cohorts, who have been riding on Nsukka phantom political interest hook, line and sinker.

Many of them became doubtful, worried, surprised and shocked when Obi visited Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in Government House Lodge, Enugu some months ago for private discussions without Edeoga or any of his cohorts’ presence or knowledge.

It was disclosed that when some of these pliable Nsukka labourers, who were angry and perturbed, confronted Edeoga and his sponsors in several meetings to explain why Mr. Obi is distancing himself from Edeoga and other Labour Party’s candidates in Enugu, they quickly lied to them that it was because of Edeoga’s sack by the court. The deceived and rudderless Nsukka labourers believed them and their lies.

When these Nsukka labourers saw again how Bar. Edeoga made mockery of himself by shouting “I am the candidate” and dragging the reluctant Peter Obi at Chief John Nnia Nwodo (jnr)’s 70th birthday for a selfie, they realised that Mr. Obi is not interested in Edeoga and the ongoing campaign of calumny on social media being orchestrated and spearheaded by him and his co-travellers from Nsukka against Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Bar. Mbah and other PDP candidates in the state.

At this point, many of these hoodwinked Nsukka labourers started distancing themselves from Edeoga and his clownish, clannish and sectional campaigns that are bereft of any road map, germane ideas, altruism and patriotism.

It was discovered that ahead of the Appeal Court judgment that reinstated Edeoga’s candidacy, though belated and a Pyrrhic victory, many of the Nsukka labourers and supporters have deserted and abandoned Edeoga as it has become obvious to them that they have been deceived for too long and there will be no light at the end of tunnel for Edeoga and his ambition.

When the news hit the airwaves that Mr. Obi will be coming to Enugu for a rally and engagement with the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) students on Thursday, January 12, 2023, Edeoga and his co-conmen quickly designed a banner bearing Edeoga’s picture alongside Obi and other Labour Party candidates in the state, making it look as though they were in touch and working with Mr. Obi for the visit.

They vigorously peddled and shared the banner on every social media platform ahead of Mr. Obi’s visit, making people to believe that they planned the event with Mr. Obi.

Alas and disappointedly to all Nsukka labourers and Edeoga’s social media e-rats, Bar. Edeoga was nowhere to be found near Enugu airport on Mr. Obi’s arrival in Enugu for the rally or other engagements on January 12, 2023.

Nobody saw Edeoga and his cohorts near Mr. Obi throughout Obi’s engagement in Enugu. In all Mr.Obi’s outings and engagements while in Enugu, he niether mentioned Bar. Edeoga nor discussed anything about him and his Nsukka labourers.

This is because Obi knows they are belabouring in vain and don’t want to associate with failure which they represent.

Findings revealed that since Mr. Obi left Enugu after the engagements, Edeoga and his sponsors including a former Minister from Nsukka have been in a mourning mood. They have been calling Mr. Obi names saying that he is very selfish, treacherous and working for his own political interest alone.

A source close to Mr. Obi who pleaded anonymity disclosed that Mr. Obi knows that Bar. Edeoga and his sponsors from are not good people and are on vendetta mission. “Mr. Obi has deep knowledge of Enugu politics. He knows that Bar. Edeoga is a burden and baggage that he doesn’t need to identify with if he wants to make a headway in the state. That is why he has been avoiding him and his sponsors.”

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