Uche Nnaji, George Ogara and Ugo Agballa: Satanic Agents of Wicked Propaganda

By Emmanuel Udeh

Leadership in its untainted purity attracts to itself persons who have acquired for themselves character; persons with high integrity with good reputation built over the years. The question before the electorate under this scenario does not border on character. Character is viewed as something that would occur to the leader as leaves would to a tree. Capacity and competence therefore become the consideration on which the electorate anchor their voting decisions. To know a thing is to know it in opposition to other things. Reflecting on the true colour of leadership, one begins to shudder at those who aspire to lead Enugu State from the APC as presently constituted. Such odious vermin as people the APC in Enugu State, the ne’er-do-well brigands, leave much to be desired.

From which part of egregious level of depravity did such men as Uche Nnaji, Ogara and Ugo Agballa build out from? One is bound to ask this question because the mundane activities of these men whose only passion is take every step to generate wicked propaganda full of lies as egg is full of meat have given themselves out as persons whose mission is vain, vicious and banal. So, their mission translates to nothing of any consequence before the people of Enugu State.

These partners in crime have been hiding behind Chijioke Edeoga’s vicious back to throw weak punches. Edeoga has constituted himself an archetype of vile politics of bitterness, calumniation, hate, lies and propaganda. Edeoga had reportedly denied generating the farcical Ego Ndi Enugu tale full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Meanwhile, Edeoga’s minions have not helped him at all, as they circulate the wickedly forged fictions meant to tarnish the image of the highly cerebral and untainted candidate of the PDP in Enugu State, Barr Peter Ndubuisi Mbah. That song was a most wicked concoction of lies meant to impugn Peter Mbah and diminish his giant strides at Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited, the foremost bluechip in the downstream oil and gas sector in Nigeria. If Edeoga did not generate the malicious fiction, his minions aided and abetted it by feasting on it, circulating it all over the social media.So, if Edeoga did not eat the meat, he shared it out to the eaters with his teeth.

Investigation has shown that Uche Nnaji, George Ogara and Ugo Agballa have been behind many of the lies told against Peter Mbah.Incidentally, these men lack character. Whatever demon that brought them together in the wobbling APC in Enugu State was minded to fulfill its three-fold ministry: to kill, steal and destroy. We can see how much havock the APC has wrecked in Nigeria. What they did not steal, they destroyed. Like the locust they have ravenously consumed Nigeria.The people of Enugu State had successfully avoided the APC like a leper in the past. Is it now that it carries the despicable load of Uche Nnaji’s governorship candidature that the people of Enugu State would pander to it? Is it now that a thief precides over its vile affairs in Enugu State that Ndi Enugu would look in its direction? Or are Ndi Enugu unaware of the rascal in wig who purports to be the running mate of Uche Nnaji, even when his name is not in INEC portal as a candidate?

Uche Nnaji, alias Nwakibie, whatever that means, is himself a discredited drug dealer who has not done any other thing all his life besides fraud. All he has ever done is engage in fraudulent sharp practices, swindling people of their hard-earned money, just like Ugo Agballa who while he ran for governorship in 2002 under APGA swindled Nigerians in the Diaspora, in US, of their dollar, apart from the one he got from Peter Mbah who bankrolled his bid innocently without knowing Agballa was a rogue.

So, how on earth did these wolves ever think they could pull wool over the face of the Enugu electorate and have them cast their votes for them or the APC? As a matter of fact, besides the PDP, APC in Enugu State, balkanized by Agballa’s high-handedness, does not in any way offer the people a credible alternative. The fact that Labour Party in the state is in disarray and had made the mistake of regrettably foisting a ‘minor’ on itself, thereby rendering itself ‘candidateless’ in the governorship race, even as it tries to purge itself of the impurity at the court, does not offer the APC under the watch of the discredited Ugo Agballa any leverage to claim the next door neighbour. How would such a party with the stench of an Uche Nnaji oozing from it and fouling the political atmosphere ever consider itself an alternative and would bid for the seat with such desperation and wicked gross acts of running anonymous campaigns of calumny against Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, the best governorship candidate ever happened to Enugu State?

Seeing that their insipid Ego Ndi Enugu humdrum perished on arrival, Nnaji, Ogara and Agballa shot themselves in the leg this time by undertaking a most foolish and fraudulent misadventure into legal somasalt that would earn Ogara and Agballa costly discipline as lawyers. It was all spurred by the devilish mission to impugn Peter Mbah yet again. How could they have filed a suit to stop Peter Mbah, relying on a matter that had been concluded by the court? Ogara recruited some of his kinsmen from Unadu and Itchi in Igbo-Eze South Local Government to play scoundrels for his legal machination in the name of plaintiffs causing them to depose to a 29-paragraph affidavit, asking for the disqualification of Peter Mbah over a matter on which the court had ruled many years ago that discharged and acquitted Peter Mbah, clearing him of any guilt. At no time did Peter enter into any plea bargain; at no time was he divested of any of his property on account of neither a court judgment nor any plea bargain. It was natural for Peter to account for his stewardship for having served as commissioner for finance in an administration that was being investigated by the anti-graft agency. Even at his detention for months, he was cleared and given a clean bill of health. A litigious and unforgiving person would have pressed charges for unlawful detention, but Peter took it with a pinch of philosophical equanimity and moved on. It is curious that George Ogara, himself a lawyer, would draw his propaganda to such misguided brinkmanship, fraudulently anchoring his frivolous suit on a matter that had been discharged by the court.

The fact is that all the campaigns of calumny against Peter Mbah run like water off a duck’s back, and now they have chosen to swim in the mud by taking fraudulent legal steps. They will pay dearly for this legal indiscretion deliberately and mischieviously meant to caricaturize themselves, and waste the time of the court.

All those after Peter Mbah lose labour.Like the Enugu Labour Party, they labour in vain. Peter bears an anointed life impervious to Satanic arrows of wicked propaganda. The Lord prepares a table before Peter Ndubuisi Mbah in the presence of his enemies. The Lord who makes diviners mad, shall frustrate this token of liars.The people of Enugu State have found themselves a man after their heart, who has shown them clear roadmap to exponential growth and economic prosperity; a man who would consolidate Governor Ugwuanyi’s deliverables and launch Enugu State to the unexplored heights, to zero poverty headcount index, to a $30 billion-size economy. The little masquerades running about the place with malicious campaigns have nothing to offer.They are agents of darkness, hoping to quench the light. On the contrary, the light which Peter Mbah embodies shines on darkness and darkness comprehends it not.

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