Enugu 2023: Ego Ndi Enugu Video As Edeoga’s Handwork

By Charly Onah

Saying that the sacked and despondent Labour Party governorship candidate, Bar. Chijioke Edeoga is a devil incarnate is like stating the obvious. He is a man full of bile, envy, pettiness and destruction. He is an opportunist, who bestrides the corridors of power and pesters people of influence to survive. He has never survived on his own effort.

He has always rides on people’s back to stardom. He has never reciprocated or appreciated good deeds, simply because he has never done good to people. If not for formal education, Edeoga would have been in the village poisoning and hunting down progressive people. He is not a leader. He lacks leadership and followership capacity.

This is why Edeoga has always worked to bring down everybody within or below his level even when his trackrecord and personal profile is nothing to write home about. Without the Nwodos and Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Edeoga would have been nowhere to be found in terms of survival and breakthroughs. He is typical of a baby being carried on the back only to ask to be dropped immediately he gets to the destination.

Edeoga has a serious inferiority complex that has always made him to be scared, envious, antagonistic and suspicious of any prosperous and diligent person or persons. The so- called Western education Edeoga acquired under questionable circumstances has not changed him. He just passed through schools without allowing schools pass through him. From his behavior to his speech and appearance, it is obvious that Edeoga is a village and odd man that can best operate or function well as a farmer or winetapper in his village.

From time past, Edeoga has exhibited these useless attributes of him against people, especially those who have helped him to climb the ladder of life. He has not spared his immediate past boss and relation, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, who picked him from political dungeon and gave him lifeline for almost a decade. Ask Edeoga’s kinsmen and Isi Uzo LGA political stakeholders. Their stories are not different.

So, it is not surprising that before and after the Enugu PDP governorship primaries, Edeoga has not spared or forgiven Bar. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah for defeating him and being better than him in all ramifications . Despite initially pledging loyalty and support for Bar. Mbah, Edeoga in his usual character typical of a chameleon made a volte-face after being prodded to jump to Labour Party. Many had thought that finding a momentary succour in Labour Party will make Edeoga a changed person. While in Labour Party, where he has been given a back seat with the court judgment that nullified his kangaroo emergence as the party governorship candidate, Edeoga has raised the tempo of his cheap blackmail and fight against Bar. Mbah, Governor Ugwuanyi and PDP in Enugu State.

To Edeoga, his political albatross is Bar. Mbah, Governor Ugwuanyi, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani and PDP in Enugu State. This is the same PDP, and Governor Ugwuanyi that made Edeoga everything in life. This is the same PDP and Governor Ugwuanyi that will remain key trademark on Edeoga’s forehead as long as he lives.

As an enemy of progress, sadist and crosspatch that has always been envious and critical of people’s success and prosperity, Edeoga and his social media cohorts condescended so low to fabricate and share on social media platforms video titled “Ego Ndi Enugu, where they cast aspersion, libel and malign Bar. Mbah with false allegation that he used Enugu stolen funds to establish Pinnacle Oil and Gas Ltd without any evidential proof.

What kind of man is Edeoga, if not a social deviant, narcissist and a crude character that is capable of doing anything, including defecating in the church and using Bible to clean his buttock just to destroy anybody. How can a man like Edeoga who has not managed anything in his life, not even himself accuse or label a certified and internationally recognised entrepreneur like Bar. Mbah that has imprints everywhere in global economy a common criminal?

Edeoga has by fabricating a false viral video against Bar. Mbah shown Ndi Enugu and Nigerians that he has nothing to offer in terms of quality leadership and issue-based campaign except name calling, blackmail, antagonism, incitement, hatred and vendetta.

The resort to criminal hate speech certainly does no good to Edeoga’s paused governorship ambition. Mark my words, he who sows whirlwind will reap whirlwind.

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