Enugu 2023: Of Bar. Edeoga’s Frustrations And Continuous Political Lamentations

By Charly Onah

Good literary students, who read and digested the poem titled “Songs Of Sorrow” by Kofi Awoonor will surely sympathise with Bar. Chijioke Edeoga, who depicted the poet in his recent political lamentations over lack of total grassroots support for him by his party members.

Edeoga who has failed to realise that the firewood of this world is only for those who can take heart is seeing and experiencing his impending political waterloo and extinction before the time.

Adding salt to Edeoga’s injury is the fact that he has since been deserted and abandoned by those who brought him under the sun in the name of helping him to actualise his vaulting governorship ambition. Bar. Edeoga who was railroaded into Labour room unprepared and unplanned by some failed politicians, who are on a vendetta and vindictive mission, was seen in a recent viral video lamenting the absence of people and party supporters at a campaign rally organised for him.

Edeoga, who was very furious, disappointed and fidgety, lambasted the members, who were looking at him scornfully helplessly and dejectedly in the viral video. He rebuked and accused them of not being serious and doing enough in mobilising people for him .

Watching and listening to Bar. Edeoga’s unguarded and disdainful utterances, threats and tirades against his party members at the failed rally leaves no one in doubt of the queer and cantankerous attitude of Edeoga, that has remained his greatest weak point.

How on earth would Bar. Edeoga expect his pliable and hungry party members to mobilise for him, when they know that he is no longer a candidate of their party, following his sack by the court over his illegal and fraudulent emergence?

How would any reasonable person or party member mobilise people for Bar. Edeoga, when it is a common knowledge that Bar. Edeoga is a known sadist, narcissist, megalomaniac, social media blackmailer, political traitor and liar that can not be trusted with executive power or reliably dealt with for anything?

Edeoga’s open lamentation is typical of a frustrated and desperate man that is drowning with no peace, focus or direction.

But how will Edeoga have direction and focus when he has been left in the cold and lurch by those who tricked him into the labourers’ farm without tools to work.

Following constant frustrations and failures on his dead-on-arrival governorship project, Bar. Edeoga, who is proficient in social media manipulations, mudslingings and fabrications, is behind the recent viral video tagged “Ego Ndi Enugu, which he fabricated to malign the hard-earned reputation of the PDP governorship candidate in Enugu State and renowned entrepreneur, Dr. Peter Mbah.

It is on record that Dr. Mbah has not been indicted by any court, a development that would have disqualified him from contesting for any political office.

Dr. Mbah had on several occasions challenged his social media traducers led and sponsored by Bar. Edeoga and his cohorts to provide evidence of his indictment by court over criminal activities or corruption.

Till date, neither Bar. Edeoga nor any of his social media goons has provided any, rather they have continued to indict, malign and castigate Dr. Mbah on social media platforms, using proxies and pen names to escape legal action and punishment.

This is not the first time Bar. Edeoga is concocting social media allegations and indicting viral videos against Dr. Mbah in an attempt to rubbish him.

Bar. Edeoga did the same thing against Dr. Mbah before the PDP governorship primary, which Dr. Mbah defeated him with wide margin. Bar. Edeoga is an unrepentant ingrate, wicked and envious politician and a blackmailer of no conscience. That is why he has always bitten the finger that fed him. Only that this time around, he has bitten more than he can chew in the many years to come.

Edeoga has also murdered sleep and cannot not be allowed to sleep by Ndi Enugu, because he represents retrogression, divisiveness, violence, desperation and confusion in the state.

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