Chijioke Edeoga and the Ego Ndi Enugu Video Clip: the Height of Unbridled Rascality

By Eze Nwamadi, Ogbonna Asadu and Ezema Igwenunu

Social media users within the Enugu circle were yesterday taken aback by the sudden emergence of yet another campaign of calumny against the governorship candidate of the PDP in Enugu State, Barr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah. The video content being circulated by Edeoga’s minions chief among whom is Barr. Ifeanyi Ogenyi is viewed as the height of mischief and vile attempt to willfully damage the image and reputation of Peter Mbah, the CEO of Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited.

The fact is that Chijioke Edeoga has refused to grow up. Chijioke has learnt nothing from his many woes and failures. This brand of calumnious politics did not help him at the PDP primaries and will also not help him now that he languishes in the political wilderness of rejection and shame. Why would Chijioke continue to contrive false allegations against Peter Mbah before whom he fawned and kissed his feet after the primaries. Edeoga in a press statement had pledged his support to Peter Mbah and asked all his supporters to follow Peter Mbah. The likes of Reuben Onyishi have continued to follow Peter as advised by Chijioke. Why then would a Chijioke of the vilest vermin ever crawled the political surface lick back his vomit? Chijioke Edeoga yields no reasonable ounce in the scale of character.

The video clip which his gullible e-rats and simplistic followers are circulating on social media claims that Pinnacle Oil was set up with ego Ndi Enugu, whatever that means. How and when!

Where was Chijioke Edeoga when as at 1992, Peter Mbah was the highest importer of electronics at Alaba International Market? Where was Chijioke Edeoga when between 1992-2002 Peter Mbah Investment Limited was the sole representative of International Oil Corporation (IOC) in Nigeria? Unlike the wretched and stingy Chijioke, Peter was already a self-made man before he came into politics in 2002. It was while Peter was at Law School at Agbani that his people of Owo approached him to run for Nkanu East chairmanship position, a call to which Peter heeded and demonstrated uncommon panache and capacity during the electioneering campaign. Peter ran under APGA then and it was he who bankrolled Ugo Agballa, the then governorship candidate of APGA in Enugu State. Peter could not have been poor to bankroll Agballa and give the then PDP a run for its money.

Chimaroke Nnamani, who won the governorship in 2003 had found Peter Mbah indispensable, given his exploits at the electioneering campaigns. He had wondered where Peter had been all this while, saying he did not know Nkanuland had such a political nonpareil. He asked Peter to join his government and made him his Chief of Staff and later his Commissioner for Finance. It is on record that Peter was one of the top 10 commissioners of finance in Nigeria then. Peter served meritoriously in the Chimaroke administration and returned to his chains of private businesses thereafter, something that politicians find difficult to do. Peter is a professional and a captain of the industry and had diversified his business interest in the oil and gas downstream sector by founding Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited in 2008. How on earth is Pinnacle a proceed of Enugu’s public till when Peter had been a big player in oil business even before he came into politics?

Chijioke Edeoga should this time around know that his handshake has gone towards the elbow. There is a level to which his childish politics of calumniation can be contained. Edeoga and his minions cannot continue to tarnish Peter Mbah’s image with impunity. Politics should not be a do or die game. You must not assassinate your opponents character in order to achieve cheap political point.

Peter Mbah has in his campaigns been engaging issues. Peter had never called neither Chijioke nor any other candidate names. He has concentrated efforts at explaining his manifesto to Ndi Enugu, while pointing to the roadmap to exponential economic growth. Why can’t Chijioke Edeoga behave himself? His activities have shown he lacks what it takes to aspire to the high office of governorship. All this while, Chijioke has got no manifesto. His own brand of manifesto is throw tantrums and sponsor the circulation of false claims and damaging assumptions against the PDP and its candidates. Meanwhile, this is someone who had been a member of the PDP untill he failed at the primaries. The same Chijioke who has been abusing Governor Ugwuanyi served in his administration for seven good years. Chijioke lacks character. His is a faithless ingrate, a political vulture desperately scavenging on the rueful dustbin of political irresponsibility. Such a diminished character is a misfit and has no business in the governorship. Good a thing, Labour Party is reinventing itself as its governorship ticket is legally being transferred to a more mature and fit candidate.

It is not as though one would so much as give serious attention to Edeoga and his despicable chicanery and tomfoolery, one is compelled to inform the public the truth as it stands and that is what this piece aims to achieve. Ndi Enugu cannot be deceived. Peter Mbah’s character, capacity and competence are not in doubt. The people are waiting for March 2023 when to crown Peter on the throne.That is the will of the people and God shall breathe on it and make it fait accompli to the shame of Satan of whom Chijioke Edeoga is the archetype.

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